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Welcome to The Power of 8 Affiliates System

As we celebrate our 8th Anniversary as a travel agency, we are pleased to offer amazing packages with unbelievable discounts to all our cherished clients.

Over the past 8 years, Adansi Travels have delighted the world with so many innovative tour packages around the world. Our Top most destination is Dubai, a wonderful destination that do not cease to amaze people.

Back in 2018, when we celebrated our 5th Anniversary over 200 Ghanaians joined us to Dubai to explore this beautiful city. Fast forward to 2021, we have offered 1000s of Ghanaians the opportunity to see and explore Dubai.

For our 8th Anniversary this year, we aim to give 800 people the opportunity to enjoy holiday abroad to any of our destinations that are currently open : Dubai, Maldives, Kenya and others that may open soon. 



As COVID-19 has impacted heavily on our Industry, we have been supported so much by our cherished clients and followers who have been referring our services to their family and friends. We plan to use this anniversary trip as an opportunity to show our appreciation by offering mouth watering referral program for all those interested.

Now let me cut to the chase. With the Power of 8 Referral Travel Program, you can be able to travel to Dubai for only Ghs 800 ($133) covering return Flight, 6 nights accommodation at luxurious 4 star, UAE Visa plus Covid -19 insurance, half board meals (BF + Lunch or Dinner), Tours to amazing places like Desert Safari, Water park, Palm Island, Marina Cruise, Dubai Fountain and also enjoy great shopping experience at Deira City Center, Dubai Mall and the various Souks like Gold Souk.

All you need to do is to register right now with only Ghs 800 and then enter into the referral program. You need to successfully refer 10 people who can be your family or friends or colleagues or social media followers to subscribe to our Power of 8 Anniversary Dubai Trip.

How will you get them to register ? We are giving you a special discount coupon valued at Ghs 150 that you can offer these people free of charge.

The actual value of the tour is costing Ghs 10,500 and for the sake of the 8th anniversary, we have discounted it to Ghs 8,000 so it synchronizes with our 8th Anniversary.

Now with this highly discounted tour rate of Ghs 8,000 your referrals will be getting another discount of Ghs 150 when they book with your special coupon. To make this easy for you and be able to track all your referrals, we will assign you a special referral link which you can use for all your referral bookings.

As you can deduce yourself, this opportunity is too good to be offered to everyone so we are restricting it to only 80 people.

Do you have what it takes to be part of this 80 people who will travel to Dubai for only Ghs 800 ?

Well, hit the register now button and join the Power of 8 Travel Referral Program

The juicy aspect of this deal is that you can still travel even if you don’t get the 10 successful referrals. All you need to do will be to top up a little bit. See the top up chat below

Number of Referral Top Up Amount (GHS)
0 6,400
1 5,760
2 5,760
3 4,480
4 3,840
5 3,200
6 2,560
7 1,920
8 1,280
9 640
10 Free Trip
10 + Free Trip plus $50 Cash

If you do the Maths, it means by signing up and just trying your effort you automatically receive Ghs 800 discount on the package as your total cost with top up of 0 referral comes to Ghs 7,200 instead of the Ghs 8,000 worth. Sign Up Now

But hey, am sure you know a couple of people who might just want to take this highly discounted package and travel with you. So getting 10 referrals within 5 months shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


What is Power of 8 Referral Travel Program
It’s Adansi Travels’ innovative marketing program intended to reward its many cherished followers and clients who have been referring their tour packages. Through this program, 800 people will travel abroad for holiday and 80 people out of this will just pay only Ghs 800 for the entire package.
How much do I need to sign up?
For Dubai, it’s only Ghs 800 to join and get the chance to travel at no extra cost
After paying Ghs 800, how many successful referrals do I need to travel for free?
Ten (10 )
What if my referral cancels his trip?
You need to replace the person or top up with cash to be able to travel
What if I am unable to refer up to 10 individuals ?
You can top up as per the number of people you refer to embark on the trip
Can I redeem the referral as cash ?
No, this reward system is to encourage our followers to travel and taste our service so it cannot be redeemed as cash. However, after 10 referrals, any subsequent referral entitled you to Ghs 300/person cash ($50) which will be paid to you as pocket money during your trip
What if after the referral am unable to travel myself ?
No worries, we have many trips every month so you can use the travel points to make a trip of similar value.
How much discount will my referrals get per purchase?
For Dubai, your referral will get a discount voucher of Ghs 150 per package
Who qualifies as a successful referral ?
All referrals must make their bookings online through your referral link or you can choose to book for them. A successful referral is the one that pays a minimum deposit of Ghs 2000 before March 30.
Do I continue to earn if my referral purchase other packages beside the one I am enrolled?
This program is designed to let you travel with your family and friends and so you only earn travel points based on the very tour program you have personally enrolled.
Can I get refund on my Ghs 800 after enrolling in the program and cancel later ?
There is 2 weeks money back guaranteed if you cancel within that period. However, if you make your first successful referral before the 2 weeks, it’s assumed your account is activated and there can be no refund after cancellation.
What if I accumulate some referral points and then I decide to cancel my enrollment in the program, what will happen to my Ghs 800 and the travel points ?
In that case, we will allow you to use the accumulated points and your 800 to redeem a travel package equivalent to that value within 1 year period.
What’s the cancellation policy for this tour?
100% Refund until March 31st April - June 15 : Ghs 300 cancellation cost June 15 - June 30 : $ 150 Dubai visa cost plus Ghs 300 After June 30: Cancellation will not be allowed. If allowed on special cases, refunds will be based on the services booked at the time of cancellation. Note that flight tickets and visas once issued are non refundable.

Hurry and Register to travel for only GHS800

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