A big welcome to you. If you are looking forward to study in UK, then you are at the right place. We hosted two experienced educational and travel consultants on Zoom and they shared all the secrets about study in UK.

The highlight was when one of our consultants talked about the new bill passed in UK for Skilled Migration where graduates of certain skilled courses will get the opportunity to stay and work in UK after their 2 year post graduate study permit.

Also, a lot of people were excited about the promo that was offered during this meeting, which allows you to save up to 50% on your application. Even though this offer is no more available to the public, you will be able to access it once you watch the recordings.

Among the things you will learn are below:

  1. How your studies in UK can lead to permanent residence
  2. What opportunities are available whiles studying in UK
  3. The cost of tuition and funding for your studies
  4. Requirements in obtaining visas for your study in UK
  5. Why you may not need English Proficiency Tests for your admission
  6. Many more